DISH Explorer for iPad has been updated to version 1.4. The new version brings few salient features that let you check-in to watch your desired television shows, sports programmes and movies.

DISH Explorer

As aforementioned, now the app supports check-in feature for watching television shows, sports and movies. The app has assimilated these features from the similar second-screen application, GetGlue for iPad. Users can now check-in to GetGlue to watch their desired stuff and even let their buddies to know what you are watching.

The company says that this is the first time that GetGlue has enabled third-party applications to watch its media content. It features a combination of official as well as fans-generated programming content like comments, tweets, video clips and pictures to users.

The senior VP of Product Management at DISH says that the social media users usually check-in to places and restaurants in order to show their friends what they are doing and the beauty of merging GetGlue gets this approach into the world of television.

DISH Explorer app

Moreover, you can also earn some rewards from certain entertainment partners when you check-in to some movies or television shows. Your GetGlue check-ins through this app can even automatically uploaded to your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

The latest version of DISH Explorer is downloadable via Apple App Store. This app is only compatible with iPad and requires iOS version 6.0 or above. You can grab it for free.