A new game has just arrived on the iOS and Android platforms! Disney Interactive has released a latest physics based puzzle game called Where’s My Mickey? for iOS and Android users. This news specially provides great delight to those who are big fans of Mickey Mouse and Disney Interactive’s mobile games!

Where’s My Mickey?  Where’s My Mickey? app

This is the latest staccato in the water-based physics puzzle game series. To differentiate itself from other games in the series, it brings some significant new elements to provide a fresh feel to users.

This new game takes you to a complete new world with simulating weather mechanics and funny animations. It mainly features 5 different chapters, which involves Mickey and Goofy dealing with challenging physics-based water puzzles.

Mickey is in a need of water! Help him to get water through different things like watering flowers or water from moving clouds by cutting through dirt and avoiding obstacles and gathering different collectibles along your way. With the gathered collectibles, you can unlock bonus levels! Tap, whirl and swipe to collect water and complete each story. Absorb yourself in this amazing gaming experience as you watch humorous episodes while solving interesting puzzles!

Where’s My Mickey? game Where’s My Mickey App

iOS users can download this  exciting game via Apple App Store for $0.99. Whereas Android users can download the game from Google Play Store for $0.94. Grab this new game and enjoy solving interesting physics-based puzzles!