Dream House Days is the latest delightful management simulation game from Kairosoft. This game puts you in charge of an opulence apartment complex. This may not sound that exciting, but Kairosoft tends to get more fun out of the most prosaic premises.

Dream House Days

As aforementioned, you play as an in-charge of an apartment complex with 4 units and one tenant, initially. Your goal is to manage the complex’s finance, furnishing, developing individual apartments, and magnetize new tenants, collect rent and rule every aspect of their lives.

Tenants are the foundation of the game, based on your performance each action will end up with happy or dissatisfied tenants. Normally the game starts with just one tenant, but you need to bring more tenants to help cover expenses.

Dream House Days app

You will also have to hire ad agencies to put out flyers in order to allow new tenants to see the place. If they are interested, they will offer a deposit, just like the real-life.

Interacting with tenants is similar to the real-life landlord. You won’t interact with them directly, however. Every tenant will have an array of stats that features his/her personality, which influence each aspect of life. If you place the furnishings in the ideal spots, your tenants will make use of them, earning you more research points.

Tenants will interact with each other and in the long run, you will also have residents who fall in love with each other, get married, and also have kids. They even go out of city, get new jobs, and bring even more special goodies to your apartments.

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Research points are crucial in this game, to get lots of special treats to your residents. That’s why furnishings are much important. The more your tenants use the furnishings you install, the more research points you earn to get better items to decorate with.

This game is free-to-play, but will feature in-app purchases, which will become available at certain point in the game. In-app purchases will help you wipe out ads, provide additional features and support for landscape mode.

Dream House Days game

The most interesting fact of the game is everything is done in the simple point-and-click fashion.

The graphics and sound effects are good. On the whole, this game has a lot to entertain you. Grab this game right now and enjoy!

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