Dropbox has made quite some significant changes to its iOS app, and now iPhone and iPad users can easily navigate through the app with ease, communicate efficiently and create Microsoft Office documents within the application. The new changes not only make Dropbox for iOS a powerful tool now, but also it enhances user interaction and experience in a better way than the previous version of app.


The status list of files is no longer on the home page of the updated Dropbox app for iOS. Instead, it now shows the list of files and documents, which a user interacted with recently (the last time they were using the app). This is indeed a great improvement probably because it gives you quick access to the files you would likely use the most from time to time.

The comment feature now available in the app allows users to raise discussion about a particular document. The push notification feature is quite a unique one in the app. Instant notifications will now be sent to the lock screen to ensure that you do not meet out on any ongoing conversation. You should also be able to create Microsoft Office documents with Dropbox for iOS in a few weeks time.

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