Tiny Utopia, the developer of popular mobile Apps and games has launched a new fast paced battle game named Epic Mech Wars. Th App is designed for devices that are power-driven by both Android and iOS operating system.

This gaming App allows the players to control mech warriors as they battle with other players. Every mech warrior in the game is created with stunning 3D graphics.

Epic Mech Wars App

The game features amazing special effects, stereo sound tracks composed by an award winner will boost the up the player to spend more time and finish the game. Entire game can be controlled with a single touch and players move the controls to fight against and battle with mechs.

Players on defeating more number of mechs can unlock different abilities and items used for completing missions.

Epic Mech Wars iOS App

Features of Epic Mech Wars game:

  • Players can chose a character from 100 customizable characters
  • Find wide variety of caskets, protective armors and rocket packs
  • Provides protective shields with different technologies that aid players in fighting
  • Players can unlock 17 different types of primary weapons and 10 progressive battle arenas

Make use of both skill and power to fight against your enemies to move up on the leader board, earn honor points to challenge your friends and other players.

Download this free fast paced battle game by opening Google play store and iTunes App store.

Download link:https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/epic-mech-wars/id579761111?mt=8.