Facebook for iOS has just received a minor update that adds a couple of pretty new features.

The updated version allows users to quickly and smoothly edit the privacy settings of a post so that the post will only be visible to those you prefer. You can do this by tapping the small downward icon next to the post, which displays an edit privacy option. Then you can choose to have it seen only by your family members, friends or specific list.


Additional to the above mentioned feature, the update also brings the ability to add emoticons in their status update box. To do this, users can tap on the specific emoticon in the status update box, which presents a menu with expressive graphics sorted into different categories like eating, watching, playing, listening and so on. The mood as well as the activity pictures are accompanied by small text descriptions like drinking tea, what are you doing to express your exact meaning.

Facebook app

Users can now also start a new conversation with photos that they get in a message by just clicking and sharing to the option ‘a new message’. Additionally, the update also brings some latest Chat Heads animations.

iOS users can download the latest Facebook for iOS via Apple App Store for free. The app works with devices running on iOS version 5.0 or above.