Soon after adding poke feature to its messenger App, Facebook has now updated the App with voice messaging feature. This latest added feature will aid the Facebook users to interact in a new way and allows the users to establish a peer-to-peer communication and make calls with their existing data plans.

Facebook VOIP

The App allows the users to log in just by entering their name or mobile number and it is a great option for all mobile owners who require a reliable messaging service to chat with their close buddies and family members.

Users can now send free text messages to all their fiends in the contact’s list. The App users are provided with push notifications to get updates regarding the activities from their Facebook friends.

Facebook Voice App

The App now allows you to start faster and users can directly login by furnishing their Facebook account details or by simply entering their phone number.

With this latest feature added to the App, users are enabled to include the location and let their friends know about their current place. The App users make plans on the move by starting a group conversation with their friends.

The only drawback associated with the App is that voice call messaging feature is currently available for Canadian iOS users.

The android version of the App can be downloaded at

To download the iOS version of this App, click