Foursquare Labs, Inc has launched a new App for both iOS and Android users that help over 1 million small business owners to connect and share latest news with their business customers.

Using this new App, business owners can easily share business updates on their Facebook and Twitter simultaneously and it can even used to view the recent check-ins, turn on specials and turn off specials.

Foursquare business iOS App

The activity tab present on the App will show the details related to recent visitors and tips provided by them related to business. By tapping on the visitor’s profile, you can view his photo and number of time he has visited, tips provided if any and public photos that they have added.

On tapping the analytics tab, the list of top visitors along with total check-ins and likes will get displayed to the user.

Foursquare App

The App is helpful for business owner that allows them to:

  • Grab the customer’s attraction by posting stunning images.
  • Share Foursquare updates via social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.
  • View recent check-ins of all your customers
  • Drive more traffic to your business stores using Foursquare specials.
  • Learn and acquire more information about top and loyal customers.

Foursquare App to carryout effective business is now available for free at iTunes App store and Google Play store.

Download iOS version of App:

Download Android version: