Fresco News app launched on the iOS app store

Fresco News is the newest app to be launched on the iOS app store for all Apple device users.  This app is basically a way to get all your news in the form of stunning images and descriptive pictures.  These images come from the various scenes of events and people.

Fresco News App

Fresco News is an app which lets you browse through the happenings of the day in the world in a matter of seconds.  This app enables the users to tap on particular news to learn more about it. On tapping on it, you get to see more details and read the complete detailed news.  This app eliminates the need of any barrier or middleman to bring news to you and the news you see is the most raw news you can lay your hands on.

Fresco News uses the gyroscope on your iPhone to track the hand motions of the users while you navigate through the photos and the news pieces.   The best thing about this app is that it is free of cost and can be easily downloaded from the Apple app store. So while waiting in a queue or sitting free at home, just open the app and start browsing.

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