gWhiz LLC, has launched a new App, gFlashPro that allows the user to learn effortlessly. Users can either create or download flash cards that help them out in reading.

The App lets it users to purchase premium content from leading educational publishers with in the nation from their devices. Users can enjoy the fresh content provided by different publishers such as McGraw-Hill, Kaplan, Barron’s etc in a creative “box-type” flashcard format.

gFlash pro iOS App


  • Availability of functional card editor to create and modify your own set of flash cards
  • Users can purchase or avail unlimited flash cards or card sets
  • Integrated with Google Docs for creating cards in quick way by using Google spread sheet
  • Supports classic display configurations, box display configurations and multiple choice questions
  • Users can include zoomable images and insert audio or video clips while creating flash card set
  • Cached images and audio clips are helpful for studying in offline mode
  • Users can sometimes get complementary content from selected publishers
  • Access more than 50 million card set sources created by third parties bu visiting Quizlet and StudyStack
  • Create multiple groups and move decks between the group

gFlash pro App

The App users have to note that they require an wireless connection to download latest card sets and download flashcard videos. Once downloaded, these card sets and videos can be viewed anytime.

To download gFlash Pro 5.3 version, open iTunes App store and search under education category.

Download link: