Clicking selfies is the new in-thing and the flavor of town and going by this trend, many developers and companies have launched selfie-centric apps. One such app that has recently made its entry into the app market is called GoCam.  This app offers the simplest way to take selfies so far and is an app to watch out for!

GoCam selfie app

GoCam has been launched by a Swedish startup company on Apple’s iOS app store and is an app which lets selfie-crazed people take photos of them without touching the screen.  This technology is being called as the Touchless selfie technology which is especially ideal for clicking group selfies.  GoCam enables users to trigger videos or photos from a distance by using just hand gestures. At the moment, this app is only available for the iTunes app store but is expected on Android platform as well.

Go Cam can enable users to trigger photos from a distance of up to 3 m. This feature of clicking Touchless selfies may be nothing new for those who have used LG G3’s selfie feature but as far as the iOS app store is concerned, this is first of its kind.  The app will initially be available in Sweden and Australia.

GoCam selfie Download for iOS App (free)