Google News Mobile Web App for iOS and Android Receives an Update with New Features

Google has announced that it has released an update to its widely-liked news aggregation service, Google News mobile Web app for both iOS and Android. Initially, the latest version will be released in the United States with international users receiving the same experience soon.

Google News Mobile

The app has been modernized for iOS and Android with the following major features:

  • Enhancements to overall look and feel, allowing you to smoothly track and read individual stories.
  • You can customize the web app to match your taste by altering the theme, font size, and selecting a larger ‘story card’ that provides more information for each story.
  • Navigating a section is much simple within News: Just tap on the News icon to get a list of all the available sections.
  • Offers an easier assimilation with Google Feedback available in the menu at the top right.

The company also says that it has included several other features from its desktop version. Now the app features a weather gadget within the Local section as well as includes popular ‘Editors Picks’ option. But the social posts from G+ relevant to the story are included in the mix.

iOS and Android users can check out the updated version of the Google News service by visiting the from Chrome/Safari on their device.

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