Greedy Dwarf is a new game from Crescent Moon Games! This is an action/arcade game that is like an endless runner, but it actually ends!

Greedy Dwarf

In this game, you need to control a greedy dwarf who wants to grab some freaking gold. Hop in your speedy mine cart and roll through exciting underground tunnels filled with abundant treasure, and few rocket powerups. This is not that simple, you will have dangerous hazards all along your way, like lava pits, jump over holes and wide gaps in these turney and twisty tunnels.

Greedy Dwarf app

To control your cart, you need to glide your finger to alter the cart direction. When the cart is driving through a tunnel, you need to swipe your finger to move the mine cart 360 degrees around the cave. And to jump, you need to tap the screen with 2 fingers.

The tunnels are detailed with several pathways through smoke and heat. The most interesting factor in the game is that you can find perspective switches to a 2-Dimensional side-scrolling view. In this style, you can’t control your cart’s direction, but you can still jump.

Greedy Dwarf for ios

The 3D visuals are wonderful and crisp, which provides you a feel like you are really traveling through lava-filled tunnel. This game features 32 exciting levels with different layouts. You can even glue your cart to the ceiling in order to grab the gold and avoid lava.

As mentioned before, you will find rocket powerups occasionally along your way. These rockets push you forward at a great speed whenever you collect them. Currently, you will only deal with rockets and gold, it would have been much exciting and fun if there were more powerups.

Greedy Dwarf game

Before you start your game, you are allowed to choose between 2 controls; usual swipe controls or faux-buttons. Both of them work good, but faux-buttons are a little more precise than swipe controls.

Greedy Dwarf app for ios

Overall, this is a fun game with sharp sound effects, short levels and twisting gameplay. This game is available for iOS users via Apple App Store. It works with devices that run on iOS version 4.3 or above.