Horseworld 3D: My riding horse is a gaming App created by the Tivola publishing that is supportive to iPhone users, iPad and iPod Touch users. If you are an ardent fan of horse racing, then Horseworld 3D is the best choice.

Horseworld 3D App

Similar to other horse games, you should care for your horses and several processes related to horse care are depicted to you in the virtual form before the game starts. The users must dig out crud for making hooves, wash the eyes and mouth of the horses etc. Players must ensure that they offer fresh food for their horse to stay active throughout the day.

Horseworld 3D gaming App

The other important feature related to Horseworld 3D is its horse riding lessons. Users can find few professional horse riding instructors in the App to assist you in learning the correct way to drive your horse and complete every course in a minimum time.

The riding lessons are limited to some extent and for more brief lessons, the users must shell out few bucks to unlock riding lessons pertaining to jumping courses.

The Horseworld 3D has some slick game play and realistic 3D graphics that gives users a new experience and it is an absolute rival for many modern horse racing games.

The game is available in several languages such as English, Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, Spanish and Russian. Click the link to download the game for free.