iFile browser, a simple to use App that supports files of all types. Using this App, you can access, organize and modify files that are stored on your iPhone or iPad device, other cloud storage accounts.

With iFile browser App, users can view and save different audio files, video files, images and documents of various formats. Users can even store a PDF file, web file, doc file, zipped file and MS office files.

iFile browser App

The App’s simple user interface will help it in standing top when compared with other productivity Apps. iFile browser allows the users to save memory by compressing files of large size in to .Zip files,  .

It allows its users to drag and drop the files, reorganize them, alter their names and share them to friends via email in an easy manner.

iFile browser iOS App

The other great feature of the App is offering support to cloud storage services that includes Dropbox, Google Docs, MobileMe iDisk and Box.net. It even supports iCloud integration and lets users to transfer files and documents in an effective way.


  • Compress large files to reduce their size and share them via email
  • Make use of the file editing tools to add specific content on any portion of the document
  • Use file search bar to locate documents by just typing the file name
  • Share any file or document wirelessly to any desired contact

iFile browser works fine on all iOS devices and open iTunes App store to download this App for $ 2.99.

Download link:https://itunes.apple.com/app/id587912462.