iFile download manager , a powerful file managing App that support devices power-driven by iOS operating system and it makes easy for the user to deal with file of any format while working on internet.

On downloading and opening the App, two menus will appear on your device screen. The App provides you with an option either to cut , remove or copy files. It even supports search feature and emailing documents to desired recipients.

iFile download manager App

Users can compress files of large size in to zip file and it even supports downloading multiple files at a time in the background so that current tasks won’t get affected. The other interesting feature of the App is its integration with Safari browser through custom bookmarket and you can even link the App to Dropbox account.

iFile download manager iOS App

 Salient features:

  •  Cut, copy and paste the entire file or copy desired portion of content related to any doc
  • Compress files that occupy large memory and share it via email
  • Print the required document by connecting to any kind of printer
  • Open or view any kind of files that are not opening on iOS device by  a single click
  • Search documents by specifying file name that are stored on your local device
  • with just few clicks, import your favourite photos from iPhoto gallery, photo stream or from Dropbox account

Get this amazing file managing App for $ 3.99 at iTunes App store under utilities category.

Visit https://itunes.apple.com/app/id591534528 to download this App.