Instashare, a cinch App that allows users to share files instantly between their Mac computer and iPhone mobile device. The transfer of files can be done using either bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

On installing the App, the Screen will split in to two main screen and a settings panel. The left screen will show the files and the second screen will contain all your photo albums. Users can easily navigate through these screens just by swiping left or right.

Instashare App

As the App is free to use, an ad banner is placed at the bottom of screen, however it doesn’t interrupt or interfere with the file transfer operation. Users willing to send files to their Mac, have to just find the exact location of the image or file and drag it to start transferring. A progress bar will depict the amount of file size transferred from your Mac to iPhone device.

Instashare iphone App

Features of Instashare:

  • Users can transfer files of any types that includes MP3, images, PDF etc without any restriction
  • Users need not stay connected to internet, they can make use of the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to share files
  • To transfer files, users have to just open the App and start sharing
  • The App doesn’t require any device pairing or setup transfer
  • Users can directly initiate the App without entering any email or password

Download this free App by visiting iTunes App store.

Download link: