Apple Store is the largest app store in the world and has more than 900000 apps in total. Infact the number of downloaded apps on this app store is also more than any other.  Apple’s app store consists of both free and paid apps and some of the apps are expensive beyond imagination. The most expensive app on Apple’s app store is VIP Black which has been tagged at a price of $999.99. This is a premium lifestyle app for the elite.

Another app for iPhone which is considered one of the most expensive is BarMax CA which too has been tagged at the same price as VIP Black and this is a leading California bar exam review with the highest rating. Agro is a functional user friendly app which is useful for storing client details etc which pertain to farmers.

Mobigage NDI is yet another most expensive app which can be downloaded by paying a price of $999.99 and is followed by Preebs app which has been tagged at $799.99. Some other apps on iPhone which are in the category of the most expensive apps are Barcelona vs. Madrid, Mobile cam viewer, PDR Quote, Safe Session Voice encryption and Biznetmobile.
Expensive iPhone Apps

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