Everyone likes to view videos and upload videos for others to view. YouTube is one of the best and popular videos database. iOS 6 once took out the YouTube official app and gave it back later in the form of Google YouTube app. So, this might happen anytime and i.e., why we found some best alternatives for YouTube app on iPhone; which are listed below.



vodio iphone app

Vodio let’s you view, watch, and upload videos just like YouTube. It brings you your favorite videos from various sources and channels. All the videos are categorized in to: most popular, tech, entertainment, sports, music, comedy, science, news, and more. You can also share videos on your favorite social networking sites using this app. Download Vodio app on your iPhone here.


squrl app for iphone

Squrl is not exactly an alternative for YouTube, but does a lot more. It’s a search engine for videos. Just type in a search for the video you want and the app finds videos from famous various video clients like: YouTube, Hulu, TED, Netflix, AOL, Vimeo, Facebook, and Blip. So, if you want to watch videos from various clients in one app, then Squrl is the best answer. Download Squrl from here.


jasmine app iphone

Jasmine is a YouTube client to view videos, upload, and subscribe to channels. You can use the app in two modes like: daytime and night mode. This app is free and a pro version upgrade is also available to implement parental controls on the app. Try Jasmine app for free here.

YouTube Capture:

youtube capture app iphone

YouTube Capture app is video capturing app for iPhone. You can shoot a video using this app and share it on YouTube. You can also add effects, make corrections, modify and upload your videos to YouTube, Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter. Download YouTube Capture on your iPhone for free here.

iTube Free:

itube free iphone

iTube Free is a YouTube alternative. You can play videos in the background, manage playlists, and search for music videos. The advantage of this app is you can play a song or video and minimize it and work on other apps on your iPhone; while the music will be played till you close the app. Download iTube free here.


YouTube is the best video streaming database. Yet if you want some other options or only specific features then try the above apps.