Easy FTP is an amazing App that allows the users to transfer files between their iOS device and PC or a computer sever. The App provides users with a web browser to download important files.

 With the Easy FTP App, users can edit files , upload new photos, share documents of important files without establishing an internet connection. Users can make use of the Web server to access all stored and uploaded files.

Easy FTP iPhone App

Features of Easy FTP:

  • Book mark system of the App lets the users to organize their favourite sites
  • Comprises a console that displays all sent and received commands from server
  • Supports explicit mode and implicit mode for SSL/TSL over the FTP
  • Users can browse, upload or download anything from the FTP server
  • Supports uploading or downloading files that contain distinct text encodings
  • Users can delete and create folder with the help of FTP
  • Use the editor tool to edit text files and re-upload images
  • Users can even change the colour, type and size of the font used for text files
  • Displays cover photos of the audio file and showcases information related to audio tracks like artists, title name and genre
  • Includes an image editor with zoom option and tools to crop and resize the image

Easy FTP App

 The App was updated to versions 3.1 and its has price has been dropped from $2.01. Users can now download the App for free from iTunes App store.

Download link for App:https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/id571876269?mt=8.