6 Helpful Iphone Apps for Law Students

The concept of smart phones and smart apps has really changed the lives of the modern generation. Nowadays, you can easily turn to the android apps for any kind of solutions for every activity such as reading, writing, cooking, gaming, composing music and so on.

The phone and Android apps specially enhanced the lives of the students and the professional by providing them with feature-rich appliances. The students do not need to browse the libraries or the market to gather important data related to their studies. They can easily install the android apps which are specially designed to help them. Talking about the students of law, they are blessed with top iPhone apps which can help them have their way. Some of the best iPhone apps for law students are mentioned below.

1.  Law Dojo

law dojo iphone app


The iPhone apps for law students is a series of games which will test your knowledge on various subjects such as torts, civil procedure, criminal laws, contracts and many more.  The app’s free version is easily available on the Google play store. You can easily download the app from the play store. The free app lets you choose among several quizzes which will help you to know about your understanding of law doctrine, Supreme Court cases, and civilian rights in police stations and so on. You can easily test your knowledge and skill by downloading and using this app.  You can earn points by giving the right answer to every question.  The game will end if you lose three ninjas.  The app also provides you with specific versions dealing with different areas of law. But you have to buy the versions for $2.99 each.

It is a good way for prospective students like you who want to pursue a successful career as a lawyer. The app is available both on the iOs and the android platform.

2.  Hein Online

Hein Online iphone app


 The Hein Online is an android app which consists of 9.2 mb of your mobile device. This app will allow you to retrieve the documents by searching across all the subscribed collections. You have to use advanced searching techniques in order to retrieve the information.  You may need to download PDFs based images and texts.  You can also browse contents by the titles, browse through the table of contents for easy navigation. You can also navigate easily by using the app.  The smart offers the ability to use the key features of all the functions and appliances.

3.  Lexis Advance

lexis advance iphone app


 It is another great app which is used as a research database. If you need to do researches to save yourself and others, this app could be the best one for you. You can easily do researches on several aspects of law by using this app.  The app does not contain much space of your android device. It does not consume much battery life for running on a frequent basis.

4.  WestLawNext

westlaw iphone app


 WestLawNext is a useful android app which provides you with the flexibility to work from everywhere at any possible time. These kinds of android apps have made your life so easy. If you are wondering how to do research on your subway commute, this android app will be your ultimate guide.

5.  ABA Journal

aba journal iphone app


ABA journal is another example of a great mobile app which brings you close to the updated news of every minute. You can never miss out any latest news if you are having this great app on your Android device. This app does not consume much space and you can easily use it with low battery.

6.  Live Law

Live Law iphone app


It is a comprehensive legal news portal that will help you to keep all the latest news which happening all over around our country. This app provides you with an eye catching layout. It is easy to use and convenient.  Do not worry to miss out any important legal news if you are using Live Law for android. This app could be very, very essential for law students.

 So, these are just a few examples of the feature-rich law apps. There are many more out there on the app store on Google. You can easily download and enjoy these awesome apps.

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