iOS app store has got an all new app and this latest app is called Flic. This application offers a faster and a definitely very fun way to clear up the storage space on the phone and it does so by helping users quickly delete photos from the photo gallery.

Flic App

Flic app requires only a little set up to start with and is extremely simple to use from then onwards.  What you need to do after installing the app is to give it access to your photos and then you are presented with all the photos one by one on your phone’s screen. To trash the photo that is one the screen, you simply have to swipe left.  To keep it and move onto the next one, you need to swipe right. If you make a mistake in the confusion, then there is also an undo button for you.

Flic app also shows the users the storage space which you are likely to regain if you delete photos from the gallery or camera roll on your iPhone.  The app can be downloaded for absolutely free of cost by logging onto the iTunes app store on your iPad and iPhone.

Immediately Download for iOS app Store