Talking about this moment, a mobile phone is a multi-dimensional device which can perform various roles by being a medium. Once it was just a device for calling but now the communication process has been upgraded through mobile in the best possible way.

Calling is definitely the first priority in a phone but there are other miscellaneous items which have also generated a huge demand among the people. The entire platform of communication has been entrapped within a phone. It may be a chat or sharing a cinema with friends, nothing seems impossible when it comes to smartphone and its diversified functioning.

Among all such happening and interesting affairs, there is quite a prosperous growth for the smartphone camera apps. These applications have induced photography into a much more glamorous theme for the common people. The inclusion of different filters, innovative edit and customized collage has attracted millions of smartphone users.

Photo grid is one of the most successful photography applications available in I phone which is used as an Instagram collage maker. This application has indeed galvanized the role of iPhone camera with some innovative features.

Photo Grid and its Attributes


The app has some good collection of filter effects. These effects are actually placed on the images to get a better look. Filters are customized with various themes. Each and every theme in this application is unique and has a different transition mode when it gets applied. After clicking a photo, people use these filters in order to make the image much better and give a polish look. At the end, the social network gets a huge collection of filter photos at respective profiles which in turn get a huge array of likes and comments.


Collage in Photo Grid

This is something very interesting. Before getting introduced as an app, collage was there in real time printing. Now the effect is more popular and effective over a phone. The best part about collage making in a phone, especially in Photo Grid is the variety of frame that is available. These frames are actually the boundaries forming the collage. In this application, there are some excellently designed frames available for people to use in their photos.

Background Theme in Collage

Background themes in Photo Grid

In the recent version of Photo Grid there is some interesting background theme provided in collage. When an individual makes a collage, he or she has the option to choose a suitable background behind the images. There are hundreds of themes available in the background. This feature is just to make the collage look better when gets displayed.


Stickers in Photo Grid

This is another creative introduction in Photo Grid. Something which is new has been introduced for the first time gets the best attention for the customers. Same happened with stickers in Photo grid. It is not really something big, yet when a sticker of different varieties gets uploaded with a photo it automatically becomes eye boggling. These stickers are actually meant for the social network platform. The various designs that are available in stickers highlight the moods of people. Therefore when a photo is uploaded with a sticker it gets coincide with the mood of the picture. Instagram, facebook and even snapchat are using these stickers to give a funny appearance.

Addition of Text

Adding Text in Photo Grid

This is actually a good thought in making photo apps better. Images with text can actually bring a new way of showcasing photos. Right now, people who use photo grid apply various customized lines or quotes along with the photos.

Selfie Camera

Selfie Cam in Photo Grid

This has become a style statement in photography. One can hardly find a person who is not aware of a selfie. The most popular and frequent activity in mobile phones more than calling is clicking pictures in selfie mode. Photo Grid has the option for taking some good selfies.

Video Slides and Film Stripes

Video Slider in Photo Grid

A movie is not only a large screen affair. In photo grid one can make his or her own film with the help of different moving images. This software allows all the video files to form a film strip.

In addition to the above features, there are more innovative activities which Photo Grid can perform. To get the best experience of Photo grid download the App from the Apple Store now.