Running and maintaining a business isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. It takes a lot to be a successful businessman irrespective of the scale of it. To be precise, if anyone can take a sharp steep step in a business, whole credit goes to the technology. In today’s world, deals for raw materials, manufacturing by parts & as a whole, labor management, delivery of products; apparently everything is computerized. The core management team may stay busy so all the reports are made, shared and concluded online. Keeping track everything in a single place is quite impossible, irrespective of the efficiency of the gadget. If you need an application capable of tracking almost every desired activities in a business where a person can get access, can manage deals, orders & schedules and can increase his/her efficiency, get ready for this list. We have tracked down top 10 business apps for iPhone.


Concur - iPhone Business App  Concur - iPhone Business App

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Do you own a business which makes you travel a lot? Concur will help you to travel and manage expense at the same time. You don’t have to remember how much you paid for the cab and everything else. You don’t have to shuffle in between paper receipts. By the time you are done with your travel and back at home, all your receipts and charges are gathered and ready for a report, by Concur. Concur can also import your expense bill from credit cards, lets you photograph expenses when you are in airplane mode, keep a track upon the receipts through Receipt store, produce itemized hotel charges, manage dates, events & meetings, book air tickets & hotels and check your flight status. This app is meant to keep you productive over your expenses.

Square Register

Square Register - iPhone Business App  Square Register - iPhone Business App

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This app gives you that power which isn’t seen even in the shopping malls. With Square, you can take the credit card billing machine anywhere you like. There are only three steps to get started with:

1. Download the Square Register

2. Sign up and request your free credit card reader

3. Link your bank account, which will be credited for each payment received.

The pack comes with a free card reader and point of sale tools in a very decent price. And your business runs from your pocket. Square Register charges 2.75% per swipe for all leading credit cards. There are no hidden charges at all. Your bank accounted gets credited with the swiped money within a couple of days.

Genious Scan – PDF Scanner

Genious Scan – PDF Scanner - iPhone Business App  Genious Scan – PDF Scanner - iPhone Business App

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The need of a portable scanner is met by this app. It turns the iPhone into a pocket scanner. It scans documents and prepares them to send them in email in JPEG or PDF format. The PDF format can be taken when there is more than one document to be attached and the total size has to be reduced.

Genius Scan has the ability for smart page detection, correction and post processing for a better resolution. Genius Scan has more than 10 million users; it is consistently featured as one among top 10 apps by Apple and App of the Week in Germany.


GoPayment - iPhone Business App  GoPayment - iPhone Business App

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Another never-miss-a-sale App and winner of AppStore Rewind Best Business Apps. The subscription comes with a free mobile card reader which plugs into the audio jack and syncs with the app. Now it’s very easy to swipe a card, provide authentication and collect dues; just like in any store. So, it’s the best thing if you are a small business owner or you have a door-to-door service.

ScanBizCards Business Card Reader

ScanBizCards Business Card Reader - iPhone Business App  ScanBizCards Business Card Reader - iPhone Business App

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Are you in a business that earns you hundreds of contacts and do you find it very difficult to handle them? If your answer is yes, then ScanBizcards might help you. This app can scan cards to your phone with 100% accurate human transcription. This is the only business card reader with cloud back up and can be synced with other iOS and Android devices. So, accessing the hundreds of cards from anywhere is always subtle and easy.

Amway Business App

Amway Business App - iPhone Business App  Amway Business App - iPhone Business App

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Amway is known for its organic, natural and healthy homecare, personal care products. This brand has earned its fame worldwide. The Amway Business App is designed to help the Independent Business Owners. IBOs can manage their business on the go. The App is a gateway to the entire world of Amway. Business happens just better and faster with IBOs. Features like Quick PV/BV status checking, “Points to go”, easy new Ibo registration make the whole business structure available in one tiny iPhone.

Cisco WebEx Meetings

Cisco WebEx Meetings - iPhone Business App  Cisco WebEx Meetings - iPhone Business App

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This app makes your web meeting schedules flexible, wherever you are. You can join any web meeting, of any platform, any web conference from iPhone or iPad. The app is capable of streaming two-way high resolution feeds. The presentations or online meetings have never been so face-to-face before. Cisco WebEx Meetings is now available for enterprises for intra network communication. May the participants be in the same building; an online meeting saves space, energy, time and money. The App is available in 12 languages.


Expensify - iPhone Business App  Expensify - iPhone Business App

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The app is rated as no. 1 for business travelers and road masters. It is probably the only app that supports both the air and road ways. Provide all your expenditure data and the app will make you a expense report that doesn’t suck at all, mentioning about the over expenditures.

If you sync your credit cards and bank accounts, the app will notify you and keep you alerted on all purchases. The app pulls in eReceipts, digital copies of paper receipts for all purchases made under $75.

For Road warriors, the mileage expense is calculated via GPS or odometer entries. The app makes you a documented view of spending.

Easy Books

Easy Books - iPhone Business App  Easy Books - iPhone Business App

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Easy Books is a bookkeeping app, made for business professionals. It also makes invoices and tracks time for any iOS device. It keeps track of almost all types of accounts like banks, expenses, earnings, interests, assets etc. Entering information in to this app is very easy. It has an in-built calculator and pre filled forms and common linked account feature to enable the user to have best of the app.

ScanBizCards Business Cards Reader and Scanner

ScanBizCards Business Cards Reader and Scanner - iPhone Business App  ScanBizCards Business Cards Reader and Scanner - iPhone Business App

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This app scans business cards to your iPhone and syncs it to the iCloud, making it available for any other iOS device. Its unique scanning technology identifies the exact color precisions and hence reads business cards accurately.

The app also organizes the business cards in a user friendly manner, which is easier to access for a user when he/she is doing it manually.