Now, there are some thousands of applications available for iPhone 4, loading the device with best and essential apps is mandatory. You can enhance the device performance by installing some top recommended apps.

Top iPhone 4 Handy Apps


DropBox, it is an easy way to sync and share files online and computers. The app permits you to check documents, presentations, photos and videos. One can save photos and videos easily to DropBox and same files can be sent or shared. You can get this service just by downloading this app and signing up.

DropBox for iPhone 4

Download Free DropBox App


You can share music, photos, contacts, messages and calendar events with others just by selecting what you want to send by adding your friend to bump and start messaging. If you add or bump your friend to Bump system then messages can be sent anytime through push notifications instantly.

Bump App for iPhone 4

Download Free Bump App


Evernote, this app helps you to remember everything and anything happening in your life. You can put everything on note such as ideas, notes, recordings and snapshots, also synchronize iPhone to systems.

Evernote App for iPhone 4

Download Free Evernote App

XE Currency

You can download XE Currency for free, the app enables you to connect more than 180 currencies on the go. This currency calculator is simply powerful and comes totally for free.

XE Currency App for iPhone 4

Download Free XE Currency App

Documents Free

You can get Documents Free iPhone app for free. This app enables users to edit and handle text files, spreadsheets perfectly on your iPhone. You can work online and offline using Document Free app.

Documents Free App for iPhone 4

Download Documents Free App


Tumblr app allows you to post photos, quotes, video and audio to tumblr log with ease. This app helps to check dashboard, post videos, save for later and more.

Tumblr App for iPhone 4

Download Free Tumblr App


Facebook, it was developed for Facebook addicted people. You can get this app for free and it permits you to get connected and share information with others, friends or family. You can check latest updates and uploaded photos from your friends while on the go.

Facebook App for iPhone 4

Download Free Facebook App


Foursquare, this app allows you to explore world around you. Keep up with friends, discounts can be unlocked and rewards while on go.

Foursquare App for iPhone 4

Download Free Foursquare App


I think it is not necessary to spend extra words from Twitter app. Users can check out trending topics, top tweets and maps to know latest happenings in the Twitter world. You can share tweets, videos and photos with all your Twitter friends.

Twitter App for iPhone 4

Download Free Twitter App

Share the Love

Share the Love, it is the place to get involved and show your humour, kindness, good intention, charity and whatever you wish.

Share the Love App for iPhone 4

Download Free Share the Love App


Eventful, this app allows you to find local events and check what is at your favourite venues and know about the coming performers. Keep track on the interesting things done by your friends and share favourites with them.

Eventful App for iPhone 4

Download Free Eventful App


Skype, you can make or receive calls, message instantly for all your Skype friends from all over the world. Downloading and using Skype is very easy.

Skype App for iPhone 4

Download Free Skype App


Fring, this application allows you to make voice calls, video calls and chat for free. You can make free video calling to any Smartphone by using advanced DVQ technology. Also, you can call Fring users from all over the world, chat live and more without spending single penny.

Fring App for iPhone 4

Download Free Fring App

Words With Friends

The app permits you to play cool crossword game with family and friends for free.

Words With Friends App for iPhone 4

Download Free Words With Friends App


TextPlus, it is a free texting app that offers unlimited texting to all the iPhone and iPad users. You can text unlimited without paying single penny with the help of this app. TextPlus offers you with your own and personal mobile number. Also, you can make international texts for free.

TextPlus App for iPhone 4

Download Free TextPlus App

Dots Free

Play classic Dot Game directly from your iPhone or iPod Touch with the help of Dots Free application, which offer top quality available Dots and Boxes game. This app supports one player and two player gameplay. You can get this app for free.

Dots Free App for iPhone 4

Download Dots Free App

Touch Hockey

Touch Hockey, it permits you to play against your friends through Wi-Fi or even Bluetooth. Actually, this game outclasses available each and every hockey game on iPod touch or iPhone with impressive animations possible.

Touch Hockey App for iPhone 4

Download Free Touch Hockey App

Our Stage Radio

Our Stage Radio, it is a fun and entertaining app that provides best way to discover latest music through iPhone. It features excellent music from new artists in rap, pop, country, rock and other music genres.

Our Stage Radio App for iPhone 4

Download Free Our Stage Radio App

NPR Music

From Jazz to pop, you can explore, engage and discover the music of different genres using NPR Music app. Check out music news and reviews, listen to live concerts, interviews or specific streams of albums before release.

NPR Music App for iPhone 4

Download Free NPR Music App

Pandora Radio

Pandora Radio, it is a personalized free radio that permits you to stream music through iPhone or iPad. Enter name of the classical composers or songs, favourite artists and the app generates a station to play their music.

Pandora Radio App for iPhone 4

Download Free Pandora Radio App


Fandango, it is the leading ticket service in the nation and one of the top moviegoer destinations online that presents movie times and theatre listing with just a finger flick.

Fandango App for iPhone 4

Download Free Fandango App


You can browse and reserve movies with the help of Redbox iPhone application. Also, you can get information about nearby redbox stand from any place.

Redbox App for iPhone 4

Download Free Redbox App

Movies by Flixster

Movies by Flixster, it is the top movie app that allows you to watch movie trailers, get critic reviews, find show timings and share movie ratings with all your friends for free.

Movies by Flixster App for iPhone 4

Download Free Movies by Flixster App


Audiobooks, this app allows you to access favourite audio books on iPhone or iPod Touch. This app provides you with the audiobook content that is up to 20,000 hours.

Audiobooks App for iPhone 4

Download Free Audiobooks App

Reader Lite

Now, you need not carry bunch of books everywhere you go as Reader Lite app is the ideal choice for all the book lovers. This app allows you to have all your books on your finger tips and ensure intuitive experience for users.

Reader Lite App for iPhone 4

Download Free Reader Lite App


iBooks, this app allows you to download and read books. The app has iBookstore where you can get latest and favourite classics or best-selling books. Also, you can browse your library on amazing bookshelf, tap the book and open it, flip through pages with swipe and the notes can be bookmarked to your passages.

iBooks App for iPhone 4

Download Free iBooks App


Wirdy, it is the slimmest PDF and eBook reader exclusively for iPod Touch and iPhone in the world. You can get this app for free and the app helps to read books, search numerous library of books and page through material speedily.

Wirdy App for iPhone 4

Download Free Wirdy App

Amazon Kindle

Kindle, it allows users to read books on amazing and stunning interface. Now, you will have access to some 775,000 books in Kindle store including new releases and best sellers. The bookmarks, last page read and highlights across various devices are synchronized by Amazon Whispersync to permit you to select where you left on other device.

Amazon Kindle App for iPhone 4

Download Free Kindle App

Trip Case

Trip Case, it is considered as the Best Travel App by Business Week and featured in CNET, USA Today and The Wall Street Journal.

Trip Case App for iPhone 4

Download Free Trip Case App

BBC News

BBC News, this app helps in getting the breaking, latest news from BBC as well as global network of journalists.

BBC News for iPhone 4

Download Free BBC News App


Most of the times you might come across a situation where you need to know about nearest bank, ATM, gas station, hotel, hospital, taxi and more. Around Me is an excellent app that allows you to find your surroundings information quickly.

AroundMe for iPhone 4

Download Free AroundMe App

Spawn Glow

Spawn Glow, this app permits users to manipulate vibrant beams of multicoloured light of light show. You can make swarm of coloured lights dance on screen with your fingers using this application. Simply it is an outstanding and mesmerizing experience.

Spawn Glow App for iPhone 4

Download Free Spawn Glow App