Video editing is very easy and can be managed by many apps. But very few apps are able to do it efficiently. Video editing is not important; it is more about apps that integrate great features with simplicity. Some of such apps have been described below.


iMovie-iPhone Video Editing App

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iMovie is a video editing software application developed by Apple Inc. for the Mac and iOS including the iPhone, iPad, iPad mini and touch. It imports the footage of videos to Mac using either FireWire interface on MiniDV format’s digital Video cameras or the USB port of the computer. It may also import videos and photos from the hard disk. From here, the users may edit photos and videos and also add music, titles, and other effects, like the basic color corrections and enhancement of the videos as well as the transitions like fades, slides, etc.

Video Editor FREE

Video Editor FREE-iPhone Video Editing App  Video Editor FREE-iPhone Video Editing App

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You can add pictures, music, transitions, etc to the video clips for creating unique slide shows of photos for a minimal price of 99 cents. It is a fast and easy to use video editor which helps you to trim, merge and share your videos.

Splice – Video Editor (Free)

Splice - Video Editor (Free)-iPhone Video Editing App

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You can capture, edit, add music to the videos and share them with your friends and family. It is one of the most advanced applications in the market which is very easy to use. It has all very highly sophisticated Video editing features.

Social cam 5.4

Social cam 5.4-iPhone Video Editing App  Social cam 5.4-iPhone Video Editing App

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With more than twenty million downloads, this app is an easy way of capturing, sharing and viewing the videos on iPhone. It has some of the most advanced features like video filter, Custom titles, soundtracks, etc.

Animoto Video Maker

Animoto Video Maker-iPhone Video Editing App  Animoto Video Maker-iPhone Video Editing App

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Animoto is a web application that produces videos from photos, video clips and music. Animoto undertakes an analysis of the pictures, videos and the music for generating videos like a trailer. The soundtrack is analyzed, devising a very unique video each time.


Viddy-iPhone Video Editing App  Viddy-iPhone Video Editing App

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Now you can turn everyday fun moments of life into little video movies with this wonderful app – it is a very simple way of capturing, creating, and sharing short, thirty seconds social video clips with friends. Viddy has been the number one app in more than fifty countries and has also been named the iTune App of the week for the month of May 2011. It is a perfect app which captures memories and helps you in sharing them. It makes sharing very easy with just a touch.

Magisto – Magical Video Editor

Magisto - Magical Video Editor-iPhone Video Editing App  Magisto - Magical Video Editor-iPhone Video Editing App

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It will work as your private video maker. It will analyze the video clips and pictures and stitch them together, to create a professional movie—a video which you will be happy to share with friends. The features of Magisto include a fully automatic editor which will be available all the time on the iPhone or an iPod,

The AI Technology which analyses, edits and trims the good parts of a video clip,helps in easy sharing of the videos on social networking sites, has a video camera features which stabilizes, filters, transits and add effects to the videos, helps you in choosing the videos and pictures from the camera, helps in recording the videos, helps in adding soundtracks and a lot more features.

 Qik Video

 Qik Video-iPhone Video Editing App   Qik Video-iPhone Video Editing App

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Qik is a Video chat, Video mails and Video sharing app which is used by a number of users globally. It is an app from Skype. The features of the app include high resolution video calls; live video chat, video chat amongst iPhone and android, sharing of live Videos on Facebook, Skype, etc, video feeds, etc.

Cute CUT – Full Featured Video Edit

Cute CUT - Full Featured Video Edit-iPhone Video Editing App  Cute CUT - Full Featured Video Edit-iPhone Video Editing App

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With cute cut you can draw movies. It helps you in creating a unique video. It offers the features of a common video clip editor but also gives you more than this. The key features of this app include its user friendliness which helps you to drag and drop the media, bookshelf like showcasing of the videos, etc.

YouTube Capture

YouTube Capture-iPhone Video Editing App  YouTube Capture-iPhone Video Editing App

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With YouTube Capture you can capture and share movies. It helps in easy and fast recording of the video clips. You can touch up your videos with the color correction, trimming, stabilization and the soundtracks. The videos can be uploaded on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. It is available on iPhone, iPad, iPad Touch, iPad Mini, etc.

Game Your Video

Game Your Video-iPhone Video Editing App

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Game your video is a completely different way of, sharing, making as well as exploring your videos. It is very simple and easy to use, very powerful and tremendously fun, being the best Video effects app. You can use the live motion effects, audio transitions and wonderful effects for making a stunning video just like a child’s play.

It is the favorite of everyone who has an iPhone, iPod, or iPad. You may also select video clips from the camera and apply various effects while the videos are being played. This video app works like a video clip creator but also is a video clip editing tool box.


Videolicious-iPhone Video Editing App

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With more than one lakh downloads, Videolicious has been completely restructured for making video editing and creation even more fast and easy. You can instantly mix your videos, pictures, music as well as stories into an interesting movie clip masterpiece. Just speak and tap for creating a perfect video clip. Very fast and also very easy video making along with incredible filters.


Vintagio-iPhone Video Editing App  Vintagio-iPhone Video Editing App

Download Paid App (Rs 170)

It is very similar to iMovie but is generally used for editing the retro movies. It is an easy to use vintage movie app which is packed with very powerful and amazing features which no other application has. It has HD filter from twenty seconds up to eighty seconds, authentic music files, powerful and easy edit titles and a lot more.

Givit Video Editor

Givit Video Editor-iPhone Video Editing App  Givit Video Editor-iPhone Video Editing App

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Givit video editor has some of the most advanced features like live highlighting while recording of the events, multiple clips efficiency, does not put any restrictions on the length of the clip, helps you to add effects like the motion effects, music, transitions, etc, helps in adding titles and pictures, etc. It also helps you to share your masterpiece on social networks so that your contacts can also view your work.