Jungle Time is an amazing educational App that helps your children to learn about telling time in multiple languages. The provide effective way to teach the children as how to tell the time by looking at friendly animals.

The App has been designed for a meaningful practice that includes customized levels of learning and a reports that shows the progress of your children. This App even comprises different levels of difficulty, making it more challenging for the children. On saying 5 correct answers, kids will receive a rewarding message.

Jungle Time App

With this App, kids can learn how to set clocks, measure elapsed time and set the elapsed time. A separate section is available with in the App that gives instruction about reading the clock, saving time and understanding different time zones.

The ‘learn’ tap present within the Jungle Time App will offer lessons on hour hand and minutes hand by using high resolution visual graphics.

Jungle Time iPad App


 Features of Jungle Time App:

  • Availability of tutorial for novice children
  • Provides 3 clock styles that includes standard clock, learning clock and classic clock
  • Learn time with either 12 hour or 24 hour notations
  • Users can switch languages instantly

Languages: English, Chinese, Dutch, Korean, Swedish, Russian, Spanish, Italian and Korean.

Visit the official iTUnes App store to download the App or click on the link https://itunes.apple.com/app/id373794287 to download this App for $2.99.