Android and iOS users will now be able to show off their dancing moves almost anywhere, thanks to the ‘Just Dance Now’ game which is tuned for mobile internet lifestyles. This game will be launched on both platforms on September 25 and shall be free to download.


Just Dance Now is designed by Ubisoft’s Massive entertainment studio, Sweden and can be played anywhere where there is internet connectivity.  An unlimited number of players can play this game and can aim for top marks by matching the choreography to trendy tunes and songs.  IN this game, your smartphone will act as the controller and will track how well the dancers or players copy the moves in video which is streamed to tablets, computers, and smart TVs.

Just Dance Now will also soon be synced to Smartwatches and on this platform; the wrist-ware will track the dance moves of the players.  The ad-supported mode of this game lets players play without paying any charges but in such a case, they will only be given access to a limited library of music or songs.  Players can also buy subscriptions to get an ad free version of the game which comes with the full catalogue of music.

Just Dance Now Download for Android (free)

Just Dance Now Download for iOS (free)