Layton Brothers Mystery Room is a new attraction from Level-5 Inc. This is an exciting mystery game that takes you through a series of murder cases to unfold.

Mystery Room

This is a great game, which focuses on 2 main personalities: Inspector Alfiendi Layton and his assistant, Lucky Baker. They both are involved in solving different confusing and tough crimes.

The game is all set in the Scotland Yard. Both the inspector and his assistant will encounter plenty of unique and amusing characters, and also a variety of puzzles. You need to follow them both and sort through the evidence, investigate different scenes and solve cases before you face awful criminals.

Mystery Room app

The cases that you deal in the game are usually centered on murder. In each case, you will have to investigate the scene of a crime before you guess the convict from a short list of suspects.

The most interesting thing here is that after you initially gather evidence, you are asked to take a decision on who the murderer is between the suspects. You will not have any kind of penalty for wrong guess, as the game just takes you through a series of interviews to analyze the suspect’s innocence.

Zoom in and analyze suspicious objects to include them to your list of evidence, put them all together to form an airtight case, expose important contradictions in your case files as you correlate them with the evidence, call the witnesses and learn if they have anything to hide, and finally face the criminal!

Mystery Room game

You can find several elements in this game, which features diverse layers of depth. The first thing that you will notice in the game is that there is a lot of conversation. Players have to mainly concentrate and read the testimonies and statements from suspects and witnesses. Most of the statements will have keywords highlighted for your easy reference.

The game comes with 2 free cases. These cases are quite lengthy and provide a good idea whether to purchase more or not. Players can purchase additional cases through in-app purchases if they want to.

Mystery Room ios game

This is a fun murder mystery game with several characters and smooth visuals. You will find yourself absorbed in the game.

This game is available for iOS users. You can grab this game from Apple App Store for free. This game is compatible with devices that run on iOS version 4.3 or above.