LIFTTT for iOS and Android Allows Users to Add Location Triggers to Their IFTTT Recipes

The team behind auto-Foursquare app Uber-Checkin has unleashed a new app called LIFTTT for iOS and Android. LIFTTT (‘L’ stands for location and IFTTT stands for ‘IF This, Then That’) is a smart service that allows users to create custom formulas called as recipes to seamlessly perform basic tasks without their assistance.


This online service delights those who enjoy mixing their favorite web apps together. For instance, users can set up IFTTT to upload their device’s photos automatically to Dropbox, Flickr, or something else. It makes your tasks much easy by connecting apps together!

Now both the Android and iOS versions released today adds location to the mix. In other words, the app allows users to add location data to any of their IFTTT recipes; for instance, you will be able to send yourself an email reminder when your get your office, or activate the devices connected to a home automation gadget when you reach your home.

The app also allows you trigger recipes whenever you reach or leave a specific location, and you will also be able to set the distance and time from the location to activate the trigger. The advantage is the app doesn’t consume your battery’s life to much.


The company believes that associating the power of IFTTT with their knowledge in location-based APIs allows users to create incredible recipes that enable them to perform and connect useful things.

But the users are required to have a IFTTT account to access the app’s functionality. You can create an account either online or directly through the app. Moreover, the app consists of several pre-made recipes from which you can choose one, or create a recipe on your own.

Here’s the complete list of LIFTTT features:

  • Ability to add location triggers by either dropping a pin on a particular location in the map, or starting from your current location.
  • You can personalize your location trigger through multiple settings including reaching or leaving a location and the times of a day/days of the week.
  • Ability to add a trigger delay on a ‘per location trigger basis’.
  • You can personalize your own time interval between triggers to prevent repeated triggers on the same location.
  • You can quickly and easily enable/disable your location trigger’s from the home screen.
  • The app doesn’t consume your battery too much.
  • Upgrade eliminates all the ads and enables unlimited location triggers.

iOS and Android apps are downloadable via the following links. The iOS app is compatible with devices running on iOS 6.0 or above, while the Android app works with devices powered by Android 2.3.3 and above firmware.

LIFTTT download link for iOS (free)

LIFTTT download link for Android (free)

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