Lirum Device Info – first iOS App to make comparison between different iOS devices

Lirum Labs has today launched a new App named Lirum Device Info that supports iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices. It’s a first App available in the App store that provides users with complete specifications of every iOS device that have been released so far.

The App allows users to compare specifications of two devices by placing them side-by-side and the entire specifications are segregated in to 10 categories that includes battery, connectivity and Screen display etc.

Lirum Device Info App

Lirum Device Info is an elegant App that helps users in retrieving current stats of your mobile device. Users can monitor the performance of device, compare specifications with other models and view feedback provided by your device’s sensors that include magnetometer, accelerometer gyroscope and GPS.

Lirum Device Info iOS App


  • Users can compare resolution, screen size, features of iPhone’s, iPad’s and iPod Touch of all generations
  • Optimized Monitor to track the CPU usage
  • ‘Force Memory Release’ to view graph for memory allocation
  • Display all network connections associated with devices
  • Estimates the battery life of various iOS devices
  • GPS receiver to find information like position, current accuracy and altitude

Rogerio, Founder and CEO of Lirum Labs has said that” most of the mobile users are often confused with generation of their iOS devices and to overcome this problem, the company has launched a App that provides users with a detailed information about profiling tools, dimension and monitoring of each device”.

Visit iTunes App store and look out under ‘utilities’ category to avail this App for $2.99

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