Little Galaxy is an immersive physics-based endless jumping game. In this game, players need to help a little boy to accomplish his dream of jumping through space.

Little Galaxy

A young scientist, our protagonist, had lost in space, help him out to discover his way back to home! Of course, he will never get there as this is an endless game, but the principle is good nonetheless.

The game features only one control, just tap on the screen to make him jump. All the planets in the galaxy rotate, this signifies that the boy’s position is constantly changing on them. In order to help him successfully land on another planet, you need to wait until the perfect time to hit on the screen. Doing this, he will make a high jump, and lands on another planet.

Little Galaxy app

Though the gameplay is entirely different, you find the physics in this game is similar to those of Angry Birds Space. This is because each heavenly body within the game consists of its own gravitational power, which can be used to your advantage.

Watch out for the giant stars that can hurt the boy and end your game. However, there are also smaller stars which scores you points when collected. If you miss a planet’s field of gravity, you will fly into the empty space and your game will end.

Little Galaxy game

The game features perky sounds, beautiful graphics and fun physics.

Currently, this game is only available for iOS users for $0.99. Grab this game right now if you own an iDevice and enjoy the game.

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