We come across various logos in our daily life. Finding about logos is interesting. If you are interested in testing your logo knowledge, Logo Quiz is the best application for you. It is a logo-based free game app. It tests your knowledge on various products and logos.

Logo Quiz

When you get into the app, you will have options like to start the game, or to view high scores, and statistics. When you choose to start the game, several logos and products will be displayed on your screen. Your job here is to identify each of them and enter the answer correctly. Mostly complete logo is shown, but sometimes only part of a company name or brand is shown. Once you enter the perfect answer, you gain points. Likewise, you have to identify every logo and name it. If you can’t find a logo, don’t get disappointed. You can use hints and complete your game without any difficulty.

Logo Quiz App

There are various levels in the game. Each level displays a bunch of logos. Though the game database has more than thousand logos, you can still find some are repeating. As it is a quiz game, there will not be any special controls or a phenomenal gameplay.

Logo Quiz Review

By playing this game, you come to know how many products and logos you can recognize. Truly it’s a fun-filled game. Play with your buddies and check who is good at recognizing more logos. Improve your knowledge on logos while having fun. Grab this app and try once, you definitely will get absorbed into the game!

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