Lyve lets you access all photos and videos from multiple devices

Lyve is the name of the latest app which has been launched on iOS and Android app stores. This new app makes it possible for users to access all of their photos as well as videos from multiple devices owned by them.


Lyve is basically a tool which lets you combine your libraries; de-duplicate pictures and all of this without the need of any hardware.  This is a good way to back up your media collection just by downloading an app on your mobile phone or tablet.  Apart from iOS and Android, the app will also be available to download on Kindle Fire and Windows based devices.  As the new content is added to the synced devices, it is automatically added in an organized way and can be viewed in one single timeline.

Lyve comes with timeline section wherein the added photos are laid out in a horizontal format.  These are also organized by date and the users also get the option of starring the media.  Some other features including on this app are viewing metadata, deleting photos, sharing them via SMS,email or social media.  The good news is that this app is free of cost.

Lyve Download app for Android

Lyve Download app for iOS

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