Manjii Lingo is a latest word puzzle game available on both iOS and Android platforms. This is a child-friendly multi-player game that lets players to challenge their friends.

Manjii Lingo

This game is similar to that of a popular Lingo program that is broadcasted on the GSM (Game Show Network) in which players make words for one another. It lets players to play with their buddies or can select random players across the world.

The app’s creator, Gregory Adams said that this is a quite tough but an engaging game that lets players to challenge not only others, but even themselves.

Manjii Lingo game

In this game, each player is provided with a limited number of letters. Then each one should make a 5 to 8 letter word for his/her opponent to guess. But the opponent is only provided with the first letter to guess words of the same length. Each guess is then color-coded to provide a clue. If the opponent is unable to guess the correct word in 5 chances, he/she gets a strike. The player who first gets 3 strikes loses the game.

A player can earn points by guessing his/her opponent’s words or by making a word for opponents to guess, as each letter has its own value. When players score certain number of points, they get a specified number of Lingo Coins. They can use these coins to enter into Global Challenges or to buy bonuses which can help them to create a difficult word.

Manjii Lingo app

This game provides countless words to challenge each other. It also lets players to sign in with their Facebook account in the multiplayer mode.

iOS and Android users can download this game via Apple App Store and Google Play Store respectively for free.