Med Art studios, the top App makers related to Sprout pregnancy essentials has released an Sprout baby App for both iPhone and iPad users. This personalized Sprout baby App will let the moms and dads to capture and record the daily activities of their dear ones such as development milestones, diaper changing, growth tracking, capturing medical records and many more.

 Sprout baby App

The App includes a personalized and creative home page that displays the daily activities of the baby and latest milestones achieved by the baby. On the home page, users can find monthly development updates of their baby and add tips daily along with the baby activities.

Baby Diaper tracker

 The embedded trackers in the App such as Feeding, pumping, diaper and growth will help the parents to observe changes in their baby eating habits, view monthly, weekly and daily charts of the growth pattern related to their baby.

The Sprout baby’s milestone feature will let the parents to capture some biggest moments of their little ones that include baby’s 1st smile, first step and several other cherishable moments. While the medical records includes three other features that are doctor’s visit planner, immunization tracker, monitoring medication will allow the parents to gather important information provided by the doctor regarding the baby’s health condition.