Minimalistic Platformer Trambo Hits iOS

Juha Pennnanen has unleashed a new action packed minimalistic platformer called Trambo on iOS via Apple App Store. This game features a smooth and one-of-a-kind gameplay.


The game involves a hero called Trambo. He is completely developed in 8-bit visuals, which provides an elegant look and a bit retro feel. In this game, you need to control Trambo and make him to reach the portal at the end in order to get through each level. And all along your way you will also have boss battles to fight, which will add spice to the game.

You will have 20 challenging levels in this game. The company says that they will soon add more levels to the game. More interesting aspect in the game is intuitive controls. Rather than standard virtual joysticks that most similar platformer games do, Trambo features invisible controls that makes the game much easy.

Trambo app

To make the Trambo move left/right, you will have to tap on the proper side (that is left/right) on the screen. Moreover, you don’t have any buttons for attacking or jumping, the game only requires you to get your character from the start to the destination.

iOS users can download this new Trambo game for $1.99 from the following link. The app has been optimized for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad and requires iOS 5.0 or above to be compatible.

Trambo download link for iOS ($1.99)

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