Creating movie tie-in games has become a trend these days, it appears to be one of the ways to success in the mobile game development. Monsters Inc. Run from Disney is one among such games that is available for iOS and Android users.

Monsters Inc. Run

Monsters Inc. Run is an exciting epic adventure game associated with jumping and running with some of the corresponding movie’s characters.

The game features the storyline of the original movie, in which Boo is kidnapped by the villain Randall. Meanwhile, our protagonists, Sulley and Mike set out to save her. For most of the time, you will be taking the control of Mike.

Each run is like a race, your goal is to get through each level collecting goodies (they range from different upgrades to gold coins which can be spent in the in-app store to unlock special items) and avoiding obstacles. At the end of each run, time and score determine performance ranking by 3 hearts. As you advance, the game pace and monsters get tougher.

Monsters Inc. Run app

The game features 6 beautiful worlds to explore. Each world consists of a running area with disrupted platforms of different lengths.

The gameplay is full of action and has only 2 major controls: Just tap to jump, and tap and hold for a longer jump. These can be implemented anywhere on the screen.

Monsters Inc. Run game

You will also encounter some special tokens in your way. By collecting them, you can get Sulley into the play, who can easily bash down barriers and knock away hostiles with his huge body, Mike is comparatively weaker than Sulley.

The visuals are attractive and the soundtrack is good. This game does not disappoint those who love to play epic adventure games.

iOS and Android users can download the game from Apple App Store (costs $1.62) and Google Play Store (costs $1.78) respectively.