Monsters Rising from Nine Tail Studios is a new 3D action-strategy game where players need to take the control of monsters to complete missions and battle against humans and other wicked monsters.

Monsters Rising

In this game, you take the control of a faction of mythological monsters from China, and begin your assault. You need to battle against the cops who are after you while gathering shards of the fallen meteorite. Unlike other similar games, you will have unique objectives for each level in this game.

The controls are very simple in this game. Control your characters with wide range of swipe gestures. Moreover, you can control your monsters simultaneously and take part in tactical combat system.

Monsters Rising app

As you play the game, you can upgrade your monsters. Each monster will have a different skill tree. You are also allowed to active and passive boosts with the collected shards, or purchase an additional creature that will accompany you on your battle. Monsters value can be up to 6,000 shards, which are very easy to earn during the game. There’s also a shard hub where players can purchase additional shards and a shard doubler boost.

You build a collection of monsters as you progress through the singleplayer mode. Each monster has a unique skill, allow players to build an amazing monster horde. You can choose your desired monsters for each mission and play.

Monsters Rising game

Furthermore, the game features pretty impressive graphics and music. There is also a thorough tutorial which helps you learn what the game is all about and how to play. This is a great action game with immersive gameplay.

Currently, this game is only available for iOS users.

Monsters Rising download link for iOS ($3.99)