Most Expensive Gaming Apps

App World includes thousands of game apps. Though it is dominated by free and cheap apps, there are also some other apps that are more expensive and aims people who are looking for something exclusive, outstanding, or just boastful. Why charge so much? Because they have been well designed and includes a lot of features.

On the other hand, have you ever wondered which apps are most expensive? Here’s an infographic which illustrates the most expensive gaming apps for both iOS and Android. Let’s have a look!

Most Expensive Gaming Apps

Here we have added a brief description of each app available in the infographic. Check it out.

Barcelona vs Madrid

This is our first app that we are going to talk about. Barcelona vs Madrid is a wonderful football game from Alina Avdeeva. It features pretty good graphics and the game play is amazing. This game has a price tag of $350.

Perfect Penalty 2012

Perfect Penalty 2012 is a penalty shot out game designed by Alina Avdeeva. This game takes about 48.7MB of your phone space. It has realistic graphics and it is a penalty simulation game. This is also an expensive app that costs around $ 350.

BallAHolic HD

BallAHolic HD is an app developed and designed by A Local Chaos Project. BallAHolic HD has a lot of amazing features that will blow your mind. There are some of the spectacular features like it has 3 different game controllers with Gyroscope control, you can enjoy the game in a lot of different views like landscape and Portrait. This is a stunning game for all iPhone users, as it has an amazing level of graphics boosters that can only be seen on a retina display. It takes about 381MB of your phone space and you can try this game if you can spend $350.

Boffo Fun Time Game Pax 2

Boffo Fun Time Game Pax 2 is an entertainment game, which is designed and developed by Ubiquitous Muffin. This app has a lot of small games in it. You can test your IQ by trying to solving challenging puzzles. There are tons and tons of levels in this game app. It takes about 80.9MB of your phone space. It has a pretty cool interface and game play and really cool graphics. This app is downloadable for $300.

Boffo Fun Time Game Pax 1

This is the first part of Boffo Fun Time Game Pax 2. Boffo Fun Time Game Pax 1 is designed and developed by the group of Ubiquitous Muffin. You get the levels that have 15 minutes of countdown and you have to clear the level before that. It has a smooth interface and a very game play. You get a lot of funny characters and 100 wonderful levels to clear. You will also get some of the wonderful backdrops and a lot of other small games in it. You can download this game for $220.


This is a wonderful app for all those who want to play lite games. You can simply open any level and you will get a boxer and few other unique characters that you can use to punch that bag. Clownbop is a game designed and developed by Ubiquitous Muffin. Ubiquitous Muffin have also made some of the similar games that were as expensive as Clownbop. You can box with this bag and blow it up by gaining the combo powers.  It has pretty good response and the graphics are okay. If you find it interesting you can download it for $220.

Boingg Pachinko

This game has some of the unique and psychedelic colors that will make you trip. Boingg Pachinko is a game that is designed and developed by the group of Ubiquitous Muffin. They have made some of the most expensive apps on the app store and the ones with similar concept. You get these huge discs that keep spinning and you can enjoy the bright colors. You can download this wonderful game for $220.


This is one of the expensive apps in play store. Deduce is a chess game, it has nothing unique in it except the price. It’s a simple chess game with fewer features compared with any other chess game. This game is designed and developed by the group called Sad Toy. They are into puzzle games. If you find it interesting you can always download this game app for $166.

Love Game full

Love Game full is a good game app for all the lovers. It has a lot of ways seduce your partner. There are tons and tons of exotic pictures. It offers you close to 6 different languages to choose from. Love Game full id developed and designed by RDCM. If you interested in getting it on your phone you can download it for $165.

Super Color Runner

Super Color Runner is a cool 2D game. It has a lot of colours, as the player keeps running the background changes and it adds a lot of new colours. There are no levels in this game unlike other games. You just have to keep running and make sure you avoid all the obstacles to keep increasing your score. It’s a pretty simple app that takes about 4.3MB of your phone memory. You can download this game for $165.

Buddy Repperton’s 2013-2014 Basketball App

You can get all the information about Basketball. This app helps you stay up to date with the latest game scores and the changes in the team. Buddy Repperton’s 2013-2014 Basketball App is designed and developed by a group called Rand Alexander. It takes a lot of planning and determination to make an app that is this costly. This might be a worth app only if you are a basketball fan. You can also get the news related to the latest transfers and games. You will have to spend close to $199 to download this game on to your phone.


QuizCenter offers you close to 100 different categories to choose from. This is basically a puzzle app that will help you develop your memory and improve your skill. This app is designed and developed by the group called Patelware LLC. This app will not cause any inconvenience, as it only takes about 1MB of your phone space.  It has a pretty smooth interface and you can easily run this app even on the lower configuration. You can download this app for $200 from App Store.

Lucky Streak

You can bet online with the help of this app. Lucky Streak is designed and developed by the group called Cartwa Marketing.  You can bet on any of your favorite games and earn by winning. You can directly join your accounts and make money online. Download this app for $200.

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