Mushroom wars, a dynamic and real time game for iPad users. The game involves saving mushroom kingdom from the dreadful menace that threatens the kingdom. Players have to fight against the tribes and capture key locations to increase the army size and construct new villages.

Mushrooms war iPad App

Players have to improve their weapons, capture new smith shops and acquire defensive towers to be victorious. To create peace among the evil enemies, players have to control the mushroom army and each map present with in the game represents a mushroom village and fighters with in the city who are ready to fight.

Mushrooms war gaming iPad App


  •  Players can find a campaign that comprises of 27 maps
  • Provides weekly tournaments for the players to compete with their friends to make high score on a specific campaign map.
  • Simple game control and intuitive game play
  • Provides multiple challenges for experienced players
  • Players can find different types of mission goals like capture and King hill etc
  • Find 3 different variants of control for effective gaming experience

Each village will slowly accumulate more number of fighters and upgrade their weapons in order to face the dangerous menaces that attack the villages in mushrooms kingdom.

This gaming App is available in different languages that includes English, French, German, Spanish, Russian and Turkish.

Visit iTunes App store to download this App for $ 2.99.

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