Nemo Games has launched a new game called Ava’s Quest on the Mac platform. Simultaneously, the company has rolled out a separate yet similar edition for iOS users, exclusively ones with Retina Display. It’s known as Ava’s Quest HD.

Ava’s Quest

In the Ava’s Quest (in the Ava’s Quest as well), you take the role of the title character. As a small kid, you loved playing with your cute dolls. However, as you grew up, you learned to make new pals and leave all your childhood playthings behind. But one of your old dolls, who’s a cruel witch appears in and kidnaps all of your friends. And so starts your quest in order to rescue them.

The game is a 2D old-school platformer. While the app may not feature any retro-style pixelated visuals, it does offer gameplay elements that are similar to some of the best platforming genre. Moreover, in this game, players need to run and jump as they collect hearts, coins, invincibility stars, and diamonds. And watch out the hazards and enemies too along your way.

Ava’s Quest app

The game brings the following features:

  • Includes 3 different environments with 30 multi-path levels.
  • Stunning Boss Fights.
  • Each level has 5 optional missions.
  • Discover hidden objects.
  • Awe-inspiring graphics supported by retina display.
  • An interesting epic story adventure.
  • Features top-notch stereo sound effects.
  • Responsive and customizable controls.
  • Support for GameCenter.
  • Includes over 20 unique hazards and foes.
  • 10 awesome soundtracks.
  • In-game tutorials.
  • Support for iCade physical pads.
  • Support for 15 different languages: Chinese, Slovak, Turkish, English, Persian, Czech, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Finnish, French, Polish, Hungarian, Italian, and German.

Both iOS and Mac users can download the Ava’s Quest game right from the links provided below. iOS app is optimized for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad and requires iOS version 4.0 and above, while the Mac version requires OS X 10.6.6 or above firmware.

Ava’s Quest HD download link for iOS (free)

Ava’s Quest download link for Mac (free)