New App can Make Students more Productive at School

Asana is the name given to the latest app that has been rolled out for iOS Devices. This app is ideal for those students who wish to top their class at school and helps each student become more productive. This app does so by letting students organize their projects, course works and other school tasks.


Asana is designed in such a way that students can collaborate with their class fellows and track deadlines as well.  Using this app, they can keep up with their workload and stay very organised throughout the school year.  Students generally have a lot of things to juggle and may easily get behind track but with this app, they can always be on top of their game which even helps to improve their performance.  This is a free to download app which is available in English.

Asana allows students to create workspaces for their campus life as well as their course work.  It enables them to plan their projects differently for different subjects.  Students receive reminders and can sync their tasks with the help of the provided electronic calendar.  It is not just a great app for students but also parents who wish to see their children succeed in school.

Asana Download for iOS App (free)

Asana Download for Android App (free)

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