Google AdWords is now in iTunes App Store. You can now use your iPhone Smartphone to stay connected with your Ad campaigns from anywhere, no matter where your business takes you. Track the performance of your Ads without logging in to your desktop account. Get a clear overview of trends, clicks and impressions straight from your iOS Smartphone. Use only few clicks to choose between data to consult, and turn and track all your campaigns between the periods you have chosen.

The app comes with unique management tools. Collectively, the tools will help you optimize bid values for keywords and ad groups, make adjustments to your advertisement budgets and keep or restart an ad campaign. What’s more interesting is that the app comes with ads guide, a guide that will help you learn how to improve the performance of your ads campaign.


Should your campaign funds expire, you will get an instant notification. Besides instant notifications and alerts, you are also able to call Google experts for help. The app works on devices that support iOS 7 or higher. It is available only for Google AdWords customers, and it is free to download from the App Store. Head straight to App Store and download the app today.

AdWords App Download for IOS