Finally, Microsoft decided to offer more protection to its Outlook app for iOS. The app has been updated with Touch ID support, which means the new version offers Outlook’s user base the ability to stay fully protected as far as their Outlook email accounts is concerned. The benefit of Touch ID support feature is that it enables you to protect your inbox with your own finger, and even if someone gains access to your phone and get tempted to check your mail, they will never gain access to the contents of it.

Setting up your Touch ID Support is simple; just head straight to your Outlook’s settings screen and enable your Touch ID there Microsoft has give Outlook app for Android and iOS more attention than its Windows 10 apps. In fact, the iOS app has the best change logs so far, with rich features added to it. Apparently, the calendar app, which was integrated in the app a few months back, has been tweaked to enhance user interaction.

Microsoft Outlook App

People that every content on a page often look better with images, and this is exactly why the new app has pictures of the attendee in the agenda view, making it simple to get all the information you need. Also, the app makes creating a new event easy; just press and hold a time slot in the 3-day views to create new event.

Microsoft Outlook App Download for IOS