Sharing Dropbox files directly through Facebook Messenger wasn’t easy. To share files from your Dropbox, you had to open the Best IOS App first, and then grab the link to share. This is different now, for Facebook Messenger now lets you share files from you Dropbox account within the app. What’s best about the new feature is that you can drop any file into a chat conversation by simply tapping the three dots button.

You can share videos, images, documents and animated Graphical Interchange Format Pictures. Also, feel free to share vacation photos, short clips, comedy videos, home movies and unique memes with your friends, groups and any other stranger whose profile picture and timeline interests you. Whatever file you decide to share from your Dropbox will be displayed in your conversation. Stan Chudnovsky, the product manager for Facebook at Facebook Inc. said the new feature make it possible for people to communicate the way they want to on Messenger.

Facebook Updated App

The integration of the two apps not only delivers a cutting-edge Facebook experience, but also brings personality and style to private and group conversations. This update isn’t available for Android Smartphone users just yet, and we do not know the exact time and date Facebook Inc. intends to bring the same to Google Play Store. Meanwhile, if you are an iOS smartphone owner, update your Messenger and start sharing Dropbox files with friends, colleagues and families.

Facebook App Download for IOS