News Republic for iOS Receives A New Design

The popular news app on iOS, News Republic has been revamped to version 4.0 with a plethora of notable improvements.

News Republic

In a nutshell, News Republic is an elegant news app that allows you access latest news from your desired topics in a beautiful visual format. It studies your likes and dislikes and automatically personalizes your news experience. The app features articles with images and videos from reliable sources. You can also choose your favorite topics and personalize your device’s home screen.

Now the latest version has received a brand-new design, including a fresh icon and a layout, and enabling more space for reading and browsing. Moreover, the update has also included a new ‘One Feed’ option. This feature displays all your favorite topics and the latest articles in one place.

The update also brings the ability to create your own news profile, based on which the app can study about user’s reading history and suggest fascinating articles that matches your interests.

The company says that this update is only available for iPhone edition, and they will soon roll out this update to iPad as well.

The latest version of News Republic for iPhone is downloadable via the link given below. The app is available for free and requires iOS 6.0 and above firmware.

News Republic download link for iOS (free)

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