Nooly, the only App in market that predicts the exact time as when the rains gets started and ends with in the neighborhood cities and districts of Continental United States. The App has come up with a table screen, that shows hourly weather forecast, 15 minutes forecast and 5 minutes forecast.

Nooly iOS App

This weather forecasting App provides information to users residing in more than 13 million locations. It can clearly predict as when the snow falls, when a light rain becomes a thunderstorm and other vital weather information.

The App aims at providing weather information for every road, school, golf course and other place that you pick up within the continental United States and weather predictions made are updated automatically for every 5 minutes which makes Nooly, the most updated weather App.

Nooly App

The application provides users with a cutting edge technology and algorithm that showcases a scientific invention in cloud physics and meteorology field, the App has key role to play in meteorology department in the coming future.

Weather forecast can be viewed in list-style that includes desired location and users can mark up to to six locations to get weather forecast from these six locations in real time. Users can drag and drop the marked locations and move the slider to check behaviour and forming of weather conditions at specific locations.

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