One touch drawing is a wonderful puzzle game developed by Ecapyc Inc. You can kill your boring time by playing this game. You can enjoy this game for free!

One Touch Drawing App Review

This game consists of many levels. Each level presents you a figure. Your main goal in this game is to draw those displayed figures with a single touch. That is you should not break at any edge while drawing. Another twist here is that you are not allowed to draw a line twice. Use your finger or any pointing object to draw the given figure. Decide a starting point and start drawing from that point without breaking anywhere and without drawing twice.

One Touch Drawing App

To avoid your confusion, the lines which you have already drawn will appear as blue colored lines. This helps you to avoid drawing twice on the same line. If you are not able to decide where to start, or got bored of retrying the same puzzle for several time, there is a hint system to provide you an idea of where to start.

One Touch Drawing Review

There are mainly 2 difficult game modes. First one is a basic mode in which you can retry the level for several times if you can’t find a solution. The second one is a survival mode in which even if you commit a single mistake, you lose the game. The graphics and sound effects are good in this game. This game mainly concentrates on the puzzles but not the backdrop. Get this app and try once!

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