Over HD App after getting updated to version 1.5 in December, 2012 has now reduced its price from $2.02 to $1.01.

The App created by Potluck will allows the users to add text to their photos and share them across various social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter or they can just add the image to their camera roll. Users can create more inspirational and funny images that can he shared with their friend in a quick time.

Over HD app

Users can directly add captions, jokes, memems or any text immediately on sharing the image and they can even resize and position their text.

The latest update has brought in few new features when compared to older version of the Over HD App. The features of the App are as follows:

  • With the new edit menu, users can crops photos in to square shape and send it via instagram.
  • Photos can be shared with any other application on internet that accepts photos.
  • It woks more faster with the help of new photo selector.
  • Use simple edit button to crop the images in to square and consolidated wheel shape.
  • Use precision font size selector to dial in the size of fonts quickly.
  • High resolution images and imported DSLR photos are now supported by the App.

Over HD iphone App

The App is now available in English, Italian and Japanese languages. Click the link https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/id535811906?mt=8 to download the App for $1.01.